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Thread: New! 2D/3D Games Every Day! (Win, Mac, Android, Linux)

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    Corrupted lands v0.01 by Orgames

    Tags: orgames, 2d game, male protagonist, big ass, creampie, interracial, oral sex, teasing, vaginal sex, adventure, fantasy, rpg
    Size: 464
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    You find yourself in an unknown land with just your name and clothes. It's a given that you should explore the land and see all the possibilities it offers. The quest revolves around finding the corruption that plagues the land and answering questions such as, how did you get here and how will you return home.​

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    The Coven v0.1 by Former Flame

    Tags: former flame, 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, creampie, handjob, harem, milf, oral sex, vaginal sex, dating sim, fantasy, humor
    Size: 109
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    In The Coven you play a first man in centuries to possess magical abilities reserved for witches. You will be invited to join The Black School a secret college tasked with the training of witches. There you will learn the dangers of this secret world while also exploring relationships with your fellow students and teachers.​

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    PandaLover - Family Affair v0.73

    Tags: pandalover, 3dcg, animated, big breasts, cheating, incesto, male protagonist, milf, mother, voyeurism
    Size: 1400
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    The story of the game tells us the life of the Robertson family, in which passion, lies and misunderstanding are intertwined.
    The protagonist of the game, a college student, young and lustful, plunges into a quagmire of puberty with accompanying vices.
    The main character is destined to meet with many interesting personalities (including hot chicks, where without it), vivid situations and difficult decisions.
    Where will the Family Affair take you personally?

    Day 8. v0.73
    258 new juicy Family-friendly( and a little something else. ) renders !
    Classic new yaer update in the middle of the month!

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    Flametorch - Last Evil Version 2.1.1

    Tags: flametorch, 3dcg, adventure, big breasts, blowjob, demon girl, horror, female protagonist, stockings, vaginal sex
    Size: 2240
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    Last Evil is a rogue-like strategy card game with mature contents. You have to go down to the deepest dungeon and wake up the Great Demon.
    Collect powerful spells, defeat those who are blocking your way and collect their essences to explore the dungeon.​

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    Life is Isekai version 0.01 by Life is Isekai

    Tags: life is isekai, animated, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, handjob, masturbation, porn parody, parody, all sex, sexy ass
    Size: 116
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    Life is Isekai is an adult visual Novel with some lewd and happy encounters in the life of MC.
    The damn white-haired girl threw you into a tearful world full of ADULTS teenage girls. Find a way to return to your cozy world. And just be a man.​

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    The Girl with X-Ray Eyes Demo by Saint Sorrow

    Tags: saint sorrow, renpy, 3dcg, female protagonist, lesbian, vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, cheating, kinetic novel
    Size: 159
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    In this short proof of concept demo, Emily is living the dream when her hot co-worker Eve's relationship is on the rocks. She's going to make the most of the situation and make Eve forget all about the guy who is 'too busy at the office' to spend time at home.​

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    Bad Kitty Games - Harem Collector Version 0.49

    Tags: bad kitty games, fantasy, male protagonist, harem, lesbian, slave, oral sex, titfuck, anal sex
    Size: 513
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    Harem Collector is an early access, open-world hentai RPG where you play as a destitute adventurer who is nonetheless convinced that he is the greatest Hero of the land. After experiencing an unexpected windfall in the form of a huge mansion, he embarks on a quest to gather a harem of 151 girls to attend to his needs. Soon, he gets involved in a tangle of intertwining plots, fighting off demonic cults, foreign invaders, ancient curses, rogue slavers, and a traitor within his own harem! Will our hero be able to triumph over these adversaries and complete his Harem collection?​

    -A new ancient mysteries quest, where a terrible spirits stalks Professor Hanelore's students. Can you make Hanelore and Antimbits work together long enough to find a solution?
    -Kyrie's Love Quest is now available! Join her, Gui and Silas as they hit the town for a drinking party of epic proportions!
    -Jalila, the elf village shopgirl, is now partially implemented.
    -Four new music tracks, the Undead combat theme "Heterovania", the Criminal combat theme "Criminal Scummies", the new Mountain dungeon theme "Call of the Mound" and the new boss fight theme "Chaotic Whatever, Bitch"!
    -Some new NPC sprites were added to the Elf Village.
    -A whole ton of new "harem" chats!
    -The first version of the new opening menu screen is now implemented!

  8. #2788
    Sukiko Final by

    Tags:, 3dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, corruption, exhibitionism, male protagonist, multiple endings, oral sex, teasing, vaginal sex
    Size: 509
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    Sukiko is the new girl at the office and has been there for about 4 weeks. She hasn't really made close friends with anyone there, including you, and doesn't seem to have many friends away from work either since she hasn't been in the country that long.
    You've tried starting a rapport with her, and you're probably more friendly with her than anyone else in the office, but still not exactly close.
    But all that is about to change.
    If there's one thing you know Sukiko loves, it's the V-Girl podcast! The 27th most popular podcast in the world!
    Sukiko enters a competition to party with the V-Girl herself at an exclusive party on a Caribbean island.
    When her phones rings, she answers with the winning phrase and wins her dream of meeting and partying with Violet!
    Only one problem - the prize is a free trip to the Caribbean.for two. So, who will she take? Why, her 'best friend', you, of course.
    What follows is a luxury trip to paradise, while Sukiko and yourself finally get to know each other properly.
    Play it correctly, you will even get more that just friendship.​

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    Badvado - Life of Desmond Version 0.4

    Tags: badvado, incesto, aunt, cousins, big tits, big ass, milf, oral sex, high school, teasing, handjob, vaginal sex, tittyfuck, spanking
    Size: 3220
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    My name is Desmond. I have just turned 21 years old and i find myself on the train today, Its because my parents have aggred to met me go study to the big city, After three months of difficult negotiations

    N/A (Poetry Changelog)
    The many way of the story make the work more longer, sorry. For example, the last big scene with many choices, many way and many triggers have more 200 pictures (and I'm not finished!)

  10. #2790
    Manka Games - Tame it! v0.3.1

    Tags: manka games, 2d game, adventure, groping, voyeurism, handjob, vaginal sex, creampie
    Size: 88
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    The game is about Lee, who travels by plane to a hotel on one of a small distant Bahamian island, but something unexpected happens, so he'll soon face a vivid adventures and good bunch of survival.

    An exciting process of taming wild and hot babes, which will open access to a variety of unusual kinks and passionate situations, an island full of mysteries. You will have to develop skills, find contact with wayward girls, complete quests and eventually understand whether there is an opportunity to escape from a desert island!​

    Reworked locations internal logic.
    Add some strange mushrooms and berries.
    Add new random hunting events.
    Add rock gathering task on beach.
    Tasks are now completed faster by 1 second.
    Add SOS building. It's hard and tiresome process, that lasts for several chapters.
    Cooked food params slightly balanced.
    Improved collision in hunting minigame.
    Add warning when using old saves.

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