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Thread: New! 2D/3D Games Every Day! (Win, Mac, Android, Linux)

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    Robbin' Hoods - Version 0.3.2 by Madmate Games

    Tags: madmate games, 3dcg, male protagonist, masturbation, vaginal sex, voyeurism, incesto
    Size: 1400
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    He is a late twenties working class hero. She is his childhood friend and roommate.
    Their lives changed forever that fateful night when he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Now they are forced to navigate the crime underworld filled with danger and depravity. How will they adapt to this strange and treacherous situation they suddenly found themselves in?​

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    Moniker Smith - Moniker Smith's Bloodlines Version 0.08.1 Heavy/Lite Win/Mac

    Tags: moniker smith, 3dcg, corruption, paranormal, mind control, transformation, body morphing, big tits, big ass, oral sex, handjob, titfuck, vaginal sex, anal sex, creampie, lesbian, male domination, female domination, exhibitionism, milf, bukkake
    Size: 1680
    Censorship: None
    Language: English

    Follow branching plot lines as an ancient power awakens and vampires begin their takeover of a small town. Every time a new victim becomes a vampire, it unlocks a new branch of the story. Replay each scene to access art and story exclusive to the perspective of either victim or vampire.

    This visual novel focuses heavily on art assets, delivering 200-300 unique screens per hardcore scene. Play from both perspectives to see them all!​

    556 new images
    . Tom's first, second, and third vampire transformations
    . Xavier's first, second, and third vampire transformations
    . Quentin's first, second, and third vampire transformations
    . 45 new transformation "shifts"
    . 2 new characters: Mercy and Raze
    . New scenes at Clara's Balcony, Clara's Spa, Clara's Living Room, Clara's Bedroom, and the Cabin in the Woods
    . 1 new Bloodline: Xavier

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