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Thread: Foot Fetish Paradise

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  1. Foot Fetish Paradise


    Foot Fetish Paradise

    Foot Seduction 27 - Elena Heiress, Cassandra Cruz

    Description: Cassandra Cruz wears a minidress with shiny off black PH and open toe slides, and Elena Heiress wears a short skirt with shiny tan PH and open toe platform slides as they interview John, a potential roommate. Soon they have him rubbing their feet and kissing and licking them. He sucks Cassandra’s French tipped toes first, then Elena’s pink painted toes before they get him on the ground and rub their feet on him as they talk to him and slightly humiliate him. They footjob him as well and rub their feet on his face before slipping the heels back on and taking off their clothes to taunt him some more before slipping off their heels to footjob him together till they make him jerk it onto their feet!

    Genre: Nylon, Foot, Fetish, Pantyhose
    Cast: Elena Heiress, Cassandra Cruz

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 966.9 MB
    Duration: 00:51:55
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from K2S >>> 4

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    Akira Feet on Face Handjob

    Description: She has Ninja tied up knowing she can really make him sniff them fresh from her sneakers and socks and jerk him off in the process. He struggles to contain his erection as she starts slowly and sensually stroking him up and down while her big size 8 soles are in his face. She makes him take deep breaths of them till he can take it no more and squirts cum all over the place is a huge cumshot!

    Genre: Handjob, Foot Domination, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish
    Country: USA
    Cast: Akira Shell

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 436.8 MB
    Duration: 00:11:45
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from K2S >>> Akira_Feet_on_Face_Handjob.mp4

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    Amadahy-Shows Virgin Friend how to Worship Her Feet


    FileExtension: wmv
    FileSize: 902.5 MB
    Duration: 00:12:15
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from K2S >>> AmadahyShows_Virgin_Friend_how_to_Worship_Her_Feet .wmv

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    Arabelle Forces him to cum to her feet

    Description: Arabelle seduces him and rubs her feet all over his face and cock, she rubs him till he gets super hard and then takes control with her hand, stroking his cock, his mind totally fucked by her, he can barely hold it in, as she teases his cock expertly, denying him over and over again till she finally has him where she wants and makes him pop cum all over the place much to her pleasure!

    Genre: Foot Domination, Cumshot, 1080p, SiteRip, Handjob, Foot Fetish, Foot Domination
    Country: USA
    Cast: Arabelle Raphael

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 466.3 MB
    Duration: 00:12:37
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from K2S >>> Arabelle_Forces_him_to_cum_to_her_feet.mp4

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    Barefoot and jeans

    Description: Ginger is over to train Naomi but she definitely isn't dressed for it. She is wearing jeans and is barefoot, not exactly workout clothing, but Ginger does see something she would like to work on! She takes Naomi's gorgeous feet in her mouth and Ginger gets a tongue workout while Naomi gets really, really turned on. Ginger works on Naomi's soles for 10 minutes and for the last 5 minutes she returns the favor and sucks on Ginger's bare feet.

    Genre: Foot licking, Lesbian, Foot worship, Foot fetish, Foot sucking
    Country: USA
    Cast: Naomi Swann, Ginger

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 741.1 MB
    Duration: 00:15:12
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from K2S >>> Barefoot_and_jeans.mp4

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    Contest winner

    Description: Young Naomi is a really big fan of Goddess Sunshine and wishes she too could have her feet in her mouth. She enters a contest at clips4sale to meet the Goddess and she can't believe her luck when she wins! She counts the days, hours and minutes until Sunshine arrives at her house and guess what, she gets to do almost whatever she wants which includes spending all of her time with the Goddess's feet in her mouth.

    Genre: Foot licking, Lesbian, Foot worship, Foot sucking, Foot fetish
    Country: USA
    Cast: Naomi Swann, Sunshine

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 766.1 MB
    Duration: 00:15:50
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from K2S >>> Contest_winner.mp4

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    Dava Foxx - Your Foot Diagnosis

    Description: Dr Foxx has a new patient who has come to see hr regarding his sexual problems at home with his wife. No matter how much he tries he just can't seem to get excited enough to have sex anymore. His sexy Doctor listens as her heels bounce inches from his face. He is suddenly mesmerized by her sexy heels and can't stop staring a them as she continues to quiz him on his issues. She finally notices him staring at her shoes and asks him if he likes feet? He has no idea and she comes up with a cunning plan. She slips off her heels and starts rubbing her sweaty stinky feet on his face. He's suddnely taken aback as his Doctors vinegary feet are now planted on his nose. She notices his dick bulging in his pants and suggests she see if she can help with an unorthodox method. She sits by him and pulls down his pants as he starts sniffing her stinky feet. She grips his hard cock and slowly strokes him up and down giving him an amazing handjob. Clearly she has found his weakness - her stinky feet! He finally let's go and unloads a thick white stream of cum all over himself.

    Genre: Handjob, Foot Domination, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish
    Country: USA
    Cast: Dava Foxx

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 726.9 MB
    Duration: 00:12:37
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from K2S >>> Dava_Foxx__Your_Foot_Diagnosis.mp4

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    Foot Seduction 29 - Kalina Ryu, Jenna Sativa

    Description: Here we go! Watch the lovely Jenna Sativa and Kalina Ryu kiss and suck on each others lovely toes and feet in their pantyhose and then get each other off! NICE!

    Genre: Solo, Lesbian, Fetish, Foot, Toys, Nylon, Pantyhose
    Cast: Kalina Ryu, Jenna Sativa

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 772 MB
    Duration: 00:41:29
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from K2S >>> Foot_Seduction_29__Kalina_Ryu_Jenna_Sativa.mp4

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    Jessica Rabbit

    Description: Jessica is a brand new Philly girl with size 7.5 feet. She's tan, 21 years old and this is her first shoot of any kind. In this solo foot tease, she teases you by removing her shoes slowly and then shows off her wrinkled soles. She wiggles her toes and scrunches her soles from a variety of angles. She recently found out she loves to have her feet worshiped and she is open to footjobs. She gets pedicures often. Her feet are incredible! In this clip, I lick her wrinkled soles, the tops of her feet and I suck her toes and lick in between each toe. You can tell how much she really gets into it. This is a very sensual clip. I love her meaty soles and tan feet! I love how Jessica's wide size 7.5 feet look in the Pose Position! She has nice sweaty feet. You get great angles from a variety of positions in The Pose. She lays on her stomach with her soles coming at you while I lick them from behind as well as the very popular soles facing up as if they are in your face. I also rub her perfect ass, as well, as I worship her feet from behind. She has extremely wrinkled soles and nice shapely feet with nice meaty soles. I love the tan tops of her feet and she can tease with the best of em! Jessica jerks my cock like a pro after some initial teasing. I drop a huge load all over the tops of her feet and it shoots up in the air, as well and it gets all over her soles. She's a keeper, fellas!

    Genre: Teen, Footjob, Brunette, Foot Fetish, Feet
    Cast: Jessica Rabbit

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 141.5 MB
    Duration: 00:22:21
    Resolution: 720x406

    Download from K2S >>> Jessica_Rabbit.mp4

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    New school

    Description: Kitty has just moved and started a new school and has made friends with Naomi. She wants to make lots of friends and Naomi suggests after checking out her feet, that she knows a really good way to make friends with her friends and she has no other way of explaining other than to show her. She takes her feet in her mouth and Kitty doesn't mind at all, in fact, she really gets into it and gets really turned on.

    Genre: Foot worship, Foot licking, Foot sucking, Lesbian, Foot fetish
    Country: USA
    Cast: Naomi Swann, Kitty Carrera

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 732.4 MB
    Duration: 00:15:20
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from K2S >>> New_school.mp4

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