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Thread: Cuckold Fantasies, Bisexual Experiments

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    Tasia Banx (Husband Wife Cock Swappers 02)

    Country: USA
    Genre: Bi-Sexual, Couples, Swingers
    Cast: Tasia Banx
    Description: What happens when the roles are reversed?
    Nobody ever thinks their marriage could take this turn! This is more than your average swingers flick, this is hardcore couples sex!

    File Extension : mp4
    File Size : 1.01 GB
    Format : AVC
    Duration : 00:29:04
    Resolution : 1280x720

    Download from FileBOOM > > > 71d206b655bb8b92.mp4

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    Even when Ashley's not tying the guys up, she still stays in total control And today she's got Kenny and Philip doing whatever she says in a super-hot scene that pushes both guy's buttons! The guys are kissing when Ashley starts telling them what she wants them to do. She pushes Philip down and pulls Kenny's shirt off. She makes Kenny prove how good he can suck cock. Kenny goes down on Philip's dick. Ashley makes Philip tell Kenny how much he loves having his cock in his mouth. Ashley kisses Kenny and grabs his dick in his pants, before making him go back down on Philip. Ashley lays over Philip, smacking his hand away when he tries to touch her without permission. The guys switch places. Philip sucks Kenny's cock while Ashley massages Kenny's balls. She strokes Philip's cock as he sucks Kenny. Philip moans. Ashley tells him to make more noise. She spits on Philip's ass and teases his hole. She gets both guys on their knees, asses together and lubes them up. Ashley fingers their holes and tells them they need to get fucked more. Ashley makes Philip beg for Kenny's cock. Kenny fingers Philip's ass and spits on it before he shoves his cock in. �I want you to ride him like the little bitch he is,� Ashley tells Kenny. She comes around behind Kenny to show him how it's done! She pushes him even harder into Philip's hungry ass. Kenny pounds Philip. Philip backs up on top of Kenny, riding him. Ashley strokes Philip's dick as Philip says, �Thank you for pounding my ass!� Philip's getting close, so Ashley takes her hand off of his cock. �You come when I say, you hear me?� Ashley makes him beg to empty his balls. Ashley finally lets Philip shoot his load. He yells as Ashley jerks the cum out of him. She tells Kenny to keep fucking him. Ashely makes Philip suck his own cum off her fingers. Kenny fucks Philip doggy style. Kenny slams into Philip. Ashley won't let him stop until he's ready to blow all over Philip's ass. He pulls out and Ashley makes him put his hands behind his back while she jerks him off. Kenny blasts a huge load all over Philip's ass. Ashley makes him creampie Philip, who whimpers as he get fucked again. Ashley makes sure all of Kenny's cum ends up in Philip's ass. They take a shower and talk about their favorite moments during the experience. Connor asks them how they liked being controlled and both guys say they enjoyed it. Obviously!

    Genre: Bareback, Cumshots, Oral, Fingering, Muscle

    FileExtension: mov
    FileSize: 260.5 MB
    Duration: 00:19:42
    Resolution: 960x540

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    Alessandro Katz, Angel Wicky, Boris Lang, Chloe D, Charlie Dean, Tomas Fuck, Nick Gill

    Description: Angel Wicky is surprised when she arrives at her friend's house and sees that there is only one other girl there. She thought it was going to be a swinging event but instead, she's invited to a Bi Orgy where no cock or pussy will be left untouched!

    Genre: Bisexual Gonzo Anal Orgy Hardcore
    Country: USA
    Cast: Alessandro Katz, Angel Wicky, Boris Lang, Chloe D, Charlie Dean, Tomas Fuck, Nick Gill

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 866 MB
    Duration: 00:43:54
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Alessandro_Katz_Angel_Wicky_Boris_Lang_Chloe_D.mp4

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    Angel Wicky, Rick Palmer, Adam

    Description: Gorgeous blonde, Angel Wicky, surprises her boyfriend by giving him a hard cock from a young stud. Letting him experience both her wet pussy and his thick cock, at the same time! Watch them get down and dirty in a sizzling threeway!

    Genre: Bisexual Gonzo Anal Threesome Hardcore
    Country: USA
    Cast: Angel Wicky, Rick Palmer, Adam

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 798.6 MB
    Duration: 00:32:27
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Angel_Wicky_Rick_Palmer_Adam.mp4

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    Honey, I Forced You Bi 2

    Genre: Fetish, Submales, Bisexual, Cuckold
    Cast: Bridgette B.

    FileExtension: wmv
    FileSize: 535.6 MB
    Duration: 01:02:20
    Resolution: 424x240

    Download from FileBoom >>> Honey_I_Forced_You_Bi_2.wmv

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    Kelly Wells - Piledrives Black Cock

    Description: Kelly Wells is a cheating whore! Fucking a huge black-cocked man behind her lover's back will piss her husband off.

    Genre: BBC, Creampie, Cuckold, All Sex, Gonzo, Hardcore

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 987.4 MB
    Duration: 00:22:31
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Kelly_Wells__Piledrives_Black_Cock.mp4

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    Kyle Swallows Ben with Alexa

    Genre: Bisexual, Threesome, Oral, Hardcore, Vaginal Sex, Cumshots, Bareback

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 925.3 MB
    Duration: 00:18:01
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from FileBoom >>> Kyle_Swallows_Ben_with_Alexa.mp4

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    Nicole Ferrera

    Genre: Threesome, Bareback, Cuckold, Bisexual, Humiliating, Oral, Hardcore

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 450.8 MB
    Duration: 00:21:08
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Nicole_Ferrera.mp4

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    Nicole Ray - Tries Social Networking Remastered

    Description: Nicole's husband has been, sadly, neglecting his duties as far as her pussy goes.

    Genre: Gonzo, All Sex, Hardcore, Cuckold

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 962.3 MB
    Duration: 00:20:49
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Nicole_Ray__Tries_Social_Networking_Remastered.mp4

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    Sebastian & Jamie Toy With Jasper

    Genre: Oral, Vaginal Sex, Bisexual, Cumshots, Threesome, Bareback, Hardcore

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 981.6 MB
    Duration: 00:22:09
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from FileBoom >>> Sebastian__Jamie_Toy_With_Jasper.mp4

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