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Thread: Cuckold Fantasies, Bisexual Experiments

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    Description: Cherry Torn is not your average girl, and Tyler Torro is not your average guy. To say that their love life is a bit adventurous is probably a bit of an understatement. So it should come as any real shock to Tyler when Cherry blindfolds him and tells him she's got a couple of surprises. Surprise one is when Tyler feels the cold hard touch of Cherry's strap-on rubbing on his body. Surprise two is when he feels the soft warm touch of Spencer Fox's mouth all over his hard cock. Turns out, Cherry has recruited Spencer for a bit of fun & mischeif. For Tyler, the old bait & switch was never so pleasureable.

    Genre: Rimming, Bisex, Cunnilingus, Cumshot, Strapon, Oral, Group, Fetish

    FileExtension: wmv
    FileSize: 892.9 MB
    Duration: 00:37:10
    Resolution: 720x400

    Download from FileBoom >>> SERIES_OF_SURPRISES.wmv

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    The Twins Bi-Fuckfest

    When Luca and Liam first came out to shoot with us, I sat them down together and started to chat with them about what kinds of scenes they might be up for filming, and what kind of action they might each be up for getting in to. From the get go, I told them they could each have quite a lot of fun here at CF! The fact that they're identical twins made for all kinds of interesting scenarios and scene types that we could film them in, and fortunately enough they each seemed throughly willing to give a whole lot of stuff a shot!
    When I proposed the idea of filming them in a 4-way with another guy and a girl, both their faces immediately lit up. "That's hot!", they each said in near-unison. I agreed, and could hardly wait to film them in precisely such a scene!
    Mind you, there were obviously some particulars involved! We obviously weren't going to expect or ask them to do anything with one another. Further, Liam still wasn't interested in getting in to any hardcore action with a guy. He did, however, seem open to "going with the flow", so to speak, so it was certainly going to be interesting seeing what might happen here!
    The fact that each one is getting in to some hardcore sex right there next to and in front of his twin brother - some of that hardcore sex being with a girl and some of it being with a guy - made for quite the intense dynamic and there was no doubt this one was going to be a hot one!

    Genre: Group, Bareback, Amateur, AllSex, Facial
    Country: USA
    Cast: Luca, Liam, Connor, Ashley

    FileExtension: wmv
    FileSize: 250.1 MB
    Duration: 00:20:16
    Resolution: 960x540

    Download from FileBoom >>> The_Twins_BiFuckfest.wmv

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    A Promotion Nari Park

    Description: Nari Park just got a promotion at work. She wants to party with her husband's best friend. By party, we mean she wants to fuck his big black cock all night while her cuckold husband watches. Her husband has never seen her cum so much, and his reward is to eat another man's semen. What a treat!

    Genre: Oral, Bisexual, Humiliating, Cuckold, Hardcore
    Cast: Nari Park

    FileExtension: wmv
    FileSize: 1.61 GB
    Duration: 00:23:48
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from FileBoom >>> A_Promotion_Nari_Park.wmv

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    Adrianna Nicole - Gets Her Birthday Wish

    Description: Adrianna Nicole is a simple woman; for her anniversary she wants flowers, for Valentine's day she wants chocolates.

    Genre: Cuckold, GangBang, Hardcore, BBC, Blowjob, Gonzo, Gagging

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.54 GB
    Duration: 00:35:58
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Adrianna_Nicole__Gets_Her_Birthday_Wish.mp4

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    Alexa Nova, Dante Colle & Mason Lear

    Genre: Cumshots, Hardcore, Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Oral, Threesome, Bisexual

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.22 GB
    Duration: 00:42:48
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Alexa_Nova_Dante_Colle__Mason_Lear.mp4

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    Alexis Crystal, Thomas Friedl, Adam Veller

    Description: Adam Veller, isn't the greatest at working out with his trainers. He is sensitive and weak! They are annoyed and need to figure what he's good at! Naughty, Alexis Crystal, suggests he should suck, Thomas' dick and lick her pussy! He proves to them how good he can be. It's time to make them both cum harder than ever!

    Genre: Bisexual Gonzo Anal Threesome Hardcore
    Country: USA
    Cast: Alexis Crystal, Thomas Friedl, Adam Veller

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.37 GB
    Duration: 00:35:26
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from FileBoom >>> Alexis_Crystal_Thomas_Friedl_Adam_Veller.mp4

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    Alison Faye

    Genre: Fetish, Cuckold, Humiliating, Femdom

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 497.6 MB
    Duration: 00:23:20
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Alison_Faye.mp4

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    Amai Liu - Suck Together To Stay Together Remastered

    Description: When Amai climbed up on that big new cock, she knew that her husband had found a way to save their marriage.

    Genre: Cuckold, Hardcore, All Sex, Gonzo

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.7 GB
    Duration: 00:37:48
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Amai_Liu__Suck_Together_To_Stay_Together_Remastere d.mp4

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    Amber Summers - Dripping Wet

    Description: Amber is so excited to be fucked by Eric that her pussy is actually dripping.

    Genre: Hardcore, All Sex, Gonzo, Cuckold

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.16 GB
    Duration: 00:27:05
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Amber_Summers__Dripping_Wet.mp4

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    Vanessa Vega, Wolf Hudson, Jason Leescott

    Description: Wearing slinky lingerie, inked rebel Vanessa Vega passionately makes out passionately with two bisexual guys, Wolf Hudson and Jason Leescott. The kinky brunette gives a raunchy double blowjob. Jason joins her in sucking Wolf's prick. Wolf jerks Jason off as Vanessa rides cock. The adventurous dudes team up to simultaneously fuck Vanessa's lower holes in a harsh double penetration! Wolf and Jason sit on each other's lap for intense anal sex, Wolf fucking Jason as Jason sodomizes Vanessa! The backdoor bi threesome features nasty rimming and tasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio. The climax is two messy cum facials.

    Genre: Bisexual Gonzo Anal Threesome Hardcore
    Country: USA
    Cast: Vanessa Vega, Wolf Hudson, Jason Leescott

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 874.2 MB
    Duration: 00:37:07
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Vanessa_Vega_Wolf_Hudson_Jason_Leescott.mp4

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