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Thread: Cuckold Fantasies, Bisexual Experiments

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    File Extension : mp4
    File Size : 506.03 MB
    Format : AVC
    Duration : 00:19:57
    Resolution : 1280x720

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    Genre: Humiliating, Fetish, Bi Oral, Cuckold, Femdom

    FileExtension: wmv
    FileSize: 252.3 MB
    Duration: 00:07:29
    Resolution: 1280x720

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    Genre: Femdom, Humiliating, Fetish, Bi Oral, Cuckold

    FileExtension: wmv
    FileSize: 209.1 MB
    Duration: 00:06:12
    Resolution: 1280x720

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    Adriana Chechik - Man Enough Remastered

    Description: Cameron knows he is not man enough for his wife. He decides to find a real man to fill her aching pussy. So during a massage he blindfolds her and brings in a real man. How could a wife not be happy with a gift like that?

    Genre: Hardcore, Cuckold, Gonzo, All Sex

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.03 GB
    Duration: 00:24:03
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Adriana_Chechik__Man_Enough_Remastered_HD.mp4

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    Aimee Black - Gamers And Players

    Description: Aimee has her gamer "friend" Wolf over playing video games again.

    Genre: Gonzo, All Sex, Cuckold, Hardcore

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 652 MB
    Duration: 00:17:15
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Aimee_Black__Gamers_And_Players_HD.mp4

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    Alana Raines - New Drapes And A Bigger Black Cock Remastered

    Description: Alana has a gay home decorator - or so her husband thinks. As soon as her husband can't stand hearing about drapes and remodels, Alana and the decorator get to fucking. When he walks back in and sees the real deal, she forces him to suck the big black cock and watch her get pounded.

    Genre: Cuckold, BBC, Hardcore, All Sex, Interracial, Gonzo

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.19 GB
    Duration: 00:27:51
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Alana_Raines__New_Drapes_And_A_Bigger_Black_Cock_R emastered_HD.mp4

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    Alex More - Black Anal Drilling

    Description: Alex More decided there were more places to explore.

    Genre: BBC, Hardcore, Anal, Gonzo, Cuckold, All Sex

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.75 GB
    Duration: 00:30:07
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Alex_More__Black_Anal_Drilling_HD.mp4

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    Alex More - Rides Thick Meat

    Description: Alex slaps her sissy boy around then straddles some big black meat.

    Genre: All Sex, BBC, Gonzo, Hardcore, Cuckold

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.57 GB
    Duration: 00:27:04
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Alex_More__Rides_Thick_Meat_HD.mp4

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    Alexis Blaze - Working Man

    Description: Alexis Blaze - While on vacation, Alexis spots a man she wants to fuck, and her husband knows he needs to give her what she wants. He finds a way to get him back to her room, and when she tells him she wants him, Kurt is ready to go. Her husband is forced to eat the cum like a good little cuckold.

    Genre: Hardcore, All Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Oral, Bisexual, Cuckold
    Cast: Alexis Blaze

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.75 GB
    Duration: 00:23:21
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Download from FileBoom >>> Alexis_Blaze__Working_Man_Full_HD.mp4

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    Amanda Clarke - Thank You Honey

    Description: Amanda is very excited when her husband agrees to a threesome after a long day at work. he quickly calls a friend over and she is very excited to show him her pussy and take his cock in her mouth. But wait, she is not having all the fun, when she decides her husband should taste the cock too.

    Genre: Cuckold, Gonzo, Hardcore, All Sex

    FileExtension: mp4
    FileSize: 1.33 GB
    Duration: 00:29:36
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Download from FileBoom >>> Amanda_Clarke__Thank_You_Honey_HD.mp4

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